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  • When was Inetweaver founded? +

    In 2012, our founder has founded the company with few members. But now, with his positive approach and continuous efforts our team is growing and leading in this Industry.

  • What does "Inetweaver" mean? +

    The name of the company is self-explanatory but we see this name as "We develop ideas to develop your business."

  • What benefits you can get from us? +

    We provide expert services with full transparency. Take care of your confidentiality, reliability and timely services in very equitable prices.

  • What are our service rates? +

    The rates depend only upon the type of task, time and skills required to perform. But we can ensure you very effective prices.

  • How do we ensure confidentiality? +

    We take proper care of confidentiality of the client. All the agreements signed by our stakeholders contains company confidentiality and non- disclosure clauses.

  • What is your business outlook for 2020? +

    We are entering in to new technology divisions in this year to provide maximum assistance to brands and businesses. We are planning to excel new heights by providing extending services to our existing and potential clients.

  • How do we ensure quality of projects? +

    We trust our team, who is continuously developing and polishing their skills to meet the expectations of clients and standards of the industry.

  • Why should you trust us? +

    We believe trust is the basic and very significant factor in any relationship. Following are some point, you can go through and decide whether to trust us or not.

    • We have worldwide client base including USA, UK, Canada, Italy etc.
    • We are working on many long term or continuous projects with our overseas clients.
    • Our company has long term vision to maintain healthy relations with clients and existence in the market.
    • You can check our portfolio and testimonials.

  • What control do you have over your project? +
  • How we provide updates of work in progress? +
  • How do we handle, if client requirement will change? +
  • Do we provide free quotes? +
  • How can you contact us? +
  • How soon your enquiry will be acknowledged? +
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